Mushrooms invite us into nature and allow us to invite nature home for dinner

Mushrooms For Health is the home of Greg Marley and all of my mushroom related pursuits.  Recognizing that we live in a country where most people have a knee-jerk fear of wild mushrooms, it has long been a goal to move interested people along the path to becoming mushroomers.  Based on 20 years of teaching, I know that clearly presented, reliable knowledge and hands-on experience are the vehicles to learning the mushrooms.  Join me in building this website to foster learning about mushrooms and integrating great edible and health-promoting medicinals into your lives.

Here is what you can find on this site.  Be patient, as we will be building the content over time.

  • Information on wild mushrooms;
    • Great edible mushrooms found in Maine and the Eastern US,
    • Poisonous mushrooms to learn along with the edible ones,
    • guidelines for moving along the path to integrating edible and medicinal mushrooms into your life and into your diet,
    • Stories and articles that invite a deeper look at specific high-interest mushrooms and some that have really fascinating histories or relationships in the forest ecosystem.
    • Cooking tips and a few recipe ideas using mushrooms,
    • Finally, I will be listing links to other online resources related to wild and medicinal mushrooms.

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