Reishi Extract

Fruit of the Forest Medicinal Mushroom Extracts.   Tincturing is a time-tested method of concentrating the beneficial components of the mushroom into a stable and portable extract for ease of use.   Our medicinal mushroom extracts are made from wild-harvested Maine mushrooms and purified using a specific double-extraction method to concentrate a broad range of medicinal elements.

Reishi Extract:  Reishi is known as the Mushroom of Immortality in traditional Chinese Medicine and has a traditional history of use dating back as far as 5 thousand years.  It is a powerful immune booster and modulator as well as active in liver protection and the enhancement of vigor and endurance.  It is a component of many traditional cancer treatments and continues to be studied for the same use in this country.  The mushroom called Reishi in Eastern North America is generally Ganoderma tsugae, the Hemlock Varnish Shelf.  Medicinally it compares with the traditional species and many practitioners in China prefer the version that occurs naturally in America.

This Maine Reishi extract is made as a double extraction tincture using new mushrooms for each step in the process to yield the maximum potency in the final extract.  Add this to tea or juice as the strength of the extract has a potent flavor

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