Turkey Tail Extract

The striking little Turkey Tails is one of the more common small leathery mushrooms found on hardwoods in the Eastern US.  It is also one of the best studied and supported fungi for improving immune function and slowing the growth of tumors.  First approved for use in Japan in the late 1970′s, it has become one of the most widely used medicinal mushrooms in Japan and other Asian countries.   It is currently undergoing Phase II clinical trials for approval as an aid to treating cancer in the US.  This Turkey Tail extract is a convenient way to use Turkey Tail daily.

Fruit of the Forest Medicinal Mushroom Extracts.   Tincturing is a time-tested method of concentrating the beneficial components of the mushroom into a stable and portable extract for ease of use.   Our medicinal mushroom extracts are made from wild-harvested Maine mushrooms and purified using a specific double-extraction method to concentrate a broad range of medicinal elements.

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